We’re fighting to lower Nebraska’s burdensome property taxes.

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Our Three Principles on Property Tax Reform

number one

We believe that Nebraska’s source of tax revenues should be balanced, generating equitable revenue from taxes on sales, income, and property.

number two

We believe that tax reform in Nebraska should be revenue neutral.

number three

We believe that property tax reform is necessary to provide a stable education funding source for Nebraska’s future.

Friend of the Nebraska Tax Payer

June 7, 2017

Anyone who has followed the 2017 Nebraska Legislative Session knows that much debate centered on property tax reform for all Nebraska home, business, and property owners versus income tax cuts for the wealthiest Nebraskans. Because Nebraskans pay the seventh highest property taxes in the country, nearly two in three Nebraskans supported property tax reform and […]

Statement: Legislature Concludes Without Addressing Property Tax Problem

May 22, 2017

Tomorrow, the Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to conclude their current session without providing a solution to Nebraskans top priority – property tax reform. While there were some proposals that would have provided some relief to Nebraska home and property owners, the issue did not get the attention demanded by Nebraskans on the floor of the […]

Krist Proposal a Positive Step Following Failure of LB461

May 5, 2017

Two days after a bill supported by Governor Pete Ricketts and Revenue Committee Chairman, Jim Smith failed to garner the necessary 33 votes for cloture; Senator Bob Krist introduced proposal yesterday that would provide increased property tax relief. Senator Krist opposed the Ricketts/Smith bill because like many, it didn’t provide necessary property tax relief and […]