A Voice to Property Tax Reform

Jerrine Racek Harris is a farm owner in Morse Bluff who has spent years building up her family’s farm into a successful business like the generations before her. And like thousands of other Nebraska property owners, Jerrine is deeply concerned with how our state’s skyrocketing property taxes are affecting the future of landowners.

“I fear losing the family farm,” she says. “The family farms are disappearing at a very alarming rate.  And for me, this farm is a sacred place because five generations of my family have lived and worked and survived on it.”  Unfortunately, out of control property taxes may mean that Double R Farms doesn’t reach a sixth generation if our lawmakers at the State Capitol don’t act on this important issue.

Sadly, Harris’ story is not unique. Nebraska’s crushing weight of property taxes – the seventh highest in the nation – continues to burden Nebraskans, including the many hardworking civilians who are just trying to keep their farms and businesses afloat or their homes within their families, something that Jerrine understands.

In Harris’ words, “It’s very hard to make a living with property taxes out of control.”  And while farm owners in places like Morse Bluff live this harsh reality on a daily basis, the numbers show it to be true statewide.  In fact, Nebraska’s agricultural property taxes have risen 176% in the last ten years, an unfortunate and avoidable reality that is placed on the backs of farm owners.

Fortunately, Nebraskans are finally coming together to rally and bring voice against the oppressive property tax that has been plaguing the state for years. The Nebraska Legislature needs to take action on this as their number one priority – no more excuses, no more explanations. If Nebraska’s homeowners and property owners are to survive, property tax reform needs to happen.

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