County Assessor Says LB461 Won’t Lower Property Taxes

A bill that is being called a property tax reform bill, but provides little to no property tax relief for Nebraska property owners is still alive. Even though it failed to generate the support needed last week, Speaker Scheer has committed to as one legislator stated, ignore “his own requirement that the sponsor of a bill be able to demonstrate that he or she has the 33 votes required,” and is bringing the bill back on Tuesday.

Today, the Nebraska Radio Network ran a story featuring the Cedar County Assessor, Donald Hoesing who confirmed what Reform for Nebraska’s Future has been saying about LB461 since the beginning – LB461 is not reform and will have little impact.

From the article: “Because we’re ag land counties, the ag land is still going to bear the brunt of the tax load no matter which way you go,” Hoesing said. “If they change how we value it and say the value goes down, the tax request doesn’t go down as well. The taxes will remain the same. The levy will be adjusted.”

“When most of your tax base is ag land it’s still going to carry the load no matter how they want to value it.”

There are still many outstanding questions around LB461, but the one thing we do know is it does not provide the property tax reform that Nebraskan’s need and should not be passed.