Friend of the Nebraska Tax Payer

Anyone who has followed the 2017 Nebraska Legislative Session knows that much debate centered on property tax reform for all Nebraska home, business, and property owners versus income tax cuts for the wealthiest Nebraskans. Because Nebraskans pay the seventh highest property taxes in the country, nearly two in three Nebraskans supported property tax reform and […]

Statement: Legislature Concludes Without Addressing Property Tax Problem

Tomorrow, the Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to conclude their current session without providing a solution to Nebraskans top priority – property tax reform. While there were some proposals that would have provided some relief to Nebraska home and property owners, the issue did not get the attention demanded by Nebraskans on the floor of the […]

Krist Proposal a Positive Step Following Failure of LB461

Two days after a bill supported by Governor Pete Ricketts and Revenue Committee Chairman, Jim Smith failed to garner the necessary 33 votes for cloture; Senator Bob Krist introduced proposal yesterday that would provide increased property tax relief. Senator Krist opposed the Ricketts/Smith bill because like many, it didn’t provide necessary property tax relief and […]

Statement: Nebraska Legislature Fails Again to Provide Needed Property Tax Reform

Today the Nebraska Legislature failed to generate the needed 33 votes to pass cloture on the final bill that would provide needed property tax reform this year. LB461, introduced by Senator Jim Smith and supported by Governor Pete Ricketts only generated 27 votes of the 33 needed to pass cloture. Below is a statement by […]

A Vote for Cloture on LB461 is a Vote Opposing Property Tax Reform

Today is a big day. Even though Speaker Jim Scheer instituted a rule that required all legislation to attain the 33 votes necessary to pass cloture, he is bringing back LB461, which failed to generated this support 11 days ago. LB461 provides little to no property tax relief for home, business, and agricultural property owners […]

Press Release – Poll – Property Tax Relief Clear Priority Over Income Tax Cuts

Lincoln, Neb. – Reform for Nebraska’s Future released new polling data that further confirms that LB461 does not provide the tax relief that the majority of Nebraskans need. LB461 was introduced by Senator Jim Smith and has the backing of Governor Pete Ricketts. This proposal provides $10 of income tax cuts for every $1 of […]

PRESS RELEASE: LB461 Stalled Due to Lack of Meaningful Property Tax Reform

Lincoln, Neb. – This afternoon, LB461 stalled in the Nebraska Legislature. This legislation prioritized income tax cuts supported by special interests in both Nebraska and nationally. Nebraskans have been very clear that they want property tax reform, but LB461 does not provide the meaningful relief needed to remove the burden that high and increasing property […]

Nebraska’s Newspapers Oppose LB461

For Nebraskans who want property tax reform this week is important. The Nebraska Legislature has been debating a number of tax and education funding measures. On Friday, the Legislature is scheduled to debate LB461, a measure that prioritizes income tax reform and Reform for Nebraska’s Future has announced their opposition to such a measure with […]