Mission Statement

To bring about meaningful reform to the Nebraska tax code, improving the lives of citizens throughout the state by reducing the excessively high reliance on property taxes and achieving a balanced means of raising the revenue needed to fund our state’s priorities.

About Us

Reform for Nebraska’s Future is a coalition representing Nebraskans from across the state who believe Nebraska’s tax structure must be reformed to fix inequities in our state’s tax system that have led to excessive property taxes on Nebraska’s families and businesses, while threatening the stability of funding for education and other Nebraska priorities.

Today, property taxes account for nearly half of the combined collections of Nebraska’s three major tax sources; property tax, sales tax, and income tax. Property taxes collected in the state are growing rapidly, increasing the property tax burden on Nebraskans, while putting education and other public services at risk due to the over reliance on property taxes as a primary funding source.

This needs to change. Nebraska needs a more stable and balanced tax system.

Reform for Nebraska’s Future agrees that our state needs tax reform that provides a stable three-legged stool of tax policy – sales tax, income tax, and property tax. A more balanced system will provide a more reliable revenue generation to meet the state’s priorities while also ensuring that everyone pays their fair share.

To reach this goal, Reform for Nebraska’s Future seeks to ensure that Nebraskans are educated about the problem and work together to develop more equitable tax policies to meet the state’s priorities.


We believe that Nebraska’s source of tax revenues should be balanced, generating equitable revenue from taxes on sales, income, and property.

We believe that tax reform in Nebraska should be revenue neutral.

We believe that property tax reform is necessary to provide a stable funding source for Nebraska’s future.