PRESS RELEASE: Reform for Nebraska’s Future Thanks Nebraska’s Property Tax Reform Advocates

With the 2017 Nebraska Legislative Session concluded, Reform for Nebraska’s Future took time to thank legislators who stood up to the special interests and pushed for property tax reform. While property tax reform remains elusive, providing meaningful property tax reform continued to be a central theme of this year’s legislative session.

“Nebraskans need property tax reform and to prioritize other issues over meaningful reform is putting the special interests needs above Nebraskans. While many legislators wavered, some stood by their commitments to deliver property tax reform,” said Reform for Nebraska’s Future Chairman, Mark Fahleson. “Reform for Nebraska’s Future would like to thank them for being a relentless advocate for property tax reform by presenting them with the award, Friend of the Nebraska Tax Payer.”

The ten Senators presented with the distinction of Friend of the Nebraska Tax Payer are:

  • Senator Tom Brewer (SD-43)
  • Senator Tom Briese (SD-41)
  • Senator Steve Erdman (SD-47)
  • Senator Curt Friesen (SD-34)
  • Senator Mike Groene (SD-42)
  • Senator Dan Hughes (SD-44)
  • Senator Bob Krist (SD-10)
  • Senator Dan Watermeier (SD-1)

The issue of high and increasing property taxes is nothing new in Nebraska. Property taxes increased 60 percent over the past decade in Nebraska and we currently pay the seventh highest property taxes in the country. Unfortunately, Nebraska’s big-moneyed special interests pushed for income tax cuts this legislative session, turning their backs on Nebraska’s top priority for the 2017 legislative session – property tax reform.

“These eight Senators deserve the distinction as Friend of the Nebraska Taxpayer because not only did they support property tax reform, they stood up to the big-moneyed special interests until the very end, trying to generate increased property tax relief for Nebraska’s home, business, and property owners,” added Mark Fahleson. “Reform for Nebraska’s Future hopes that more Senators can be counted on to support reform in the future.”

According to polls initiated by Reform for Nebraska’s Future, 77 percent of Nebraskans supported property tax reform and nearly two in three Nebraskans called it the legislature’s top priority. Just 14 percent said the same about income tax cuts. 55 percent of Nebraskans singled out property taxes as the state and local tax that they overpay while just 15 percent say the same about income tax. Despite this, the big moneyed special interests were relentless and continued to push income tax cuts opposed to property tax reform. LB461, a bill that prioritized income tax cuts compared to property tax relief failed to generate the necessary support.