A Vote for Cloture on LB461 is a Vote Opposing Property Tax Reform

Today is a big day. Even though Speaker Jim Scheer instituted a rule that required all legislation to attain the 33 votes necessary to pass cloture, he is bringing back LB461, which failed to generated this support 11 days ago. LB461 provides little to no property tax relief for home, business, and agricultural property owners […]

Nebraska’s Newspapers Oppose LB461

For Nebraskans who want property tax reform this week is important. The Nebraska Legislature has been debating a number of tax and education funding measures. On Friday, the Legislature is scheduled to debate LB461, a measure that prioritizes income tax reform and Reform for Nebraska’s Future has announced their opposition to such a measure with […]

Lincoln Journal Star Voices Serious Concerns About LB461

As LB461 makes its way through the unicameral, Sen. Jim Smith and Gov. Pete Ricketts are attempting to pitch it as the best of both worlds. Sadly, the bill falls short of an acceptable compromise. The sad truth is that LB461 will do little to alleviate property taxes, providing absolutely no relief for homeowners whose […]

Property Tax Amnesia is a Reality in Nebraska’s Capitol

The theory of property tax amnesia is finally being seen for what is it – a reality. After campaigning across Nebraska, echoing the same chorus of property tax relief, legislators now shake their heads in frustration, exasperated at the idea of needing to find a way to produce property tax reform. As a result, Nebraska […]

Vote against LB337

I am disappointed myself and others didn’t get to testify on Feb. 8 on LB337 (“Ricketts, business groups justify tax cut; others raise concerns,” Feb. 9). It is neither right nor fair that the Governor was allowed unlimited time and the people, like myself who drove to Lincoln, were stifled.  Full story here.