Gov. Pete Ricketts: “One of the primary focuses of my administration has been providing meaningful tax relief for hardworking Nebraskans.” (Office of Governor Pete Ricketts, September 28, 2015)

“The [tax] conversation has only just begun, and senators will welcome your input as they continue to talk about potential proposals that could impact your tax bills.” (Office of Governor Pete Ricketts, September 28, 2015)

Lincoln Journal Star Editorial Board: “If the Legislature wants to talk at all about tax cuts, it ought to focus exclusively on property taxes. Year after year, election after election, it’s property tax rates that irk Nebraskans the most… If the Legislature wants to help the state’s economy – cut property taxes.” (Lincoln Journal Star, November 1, 2016)

Sen. John Lowe, District 37: “The most important issue facing Nebraska and the next Legislature is growing our economy. I believe we can do this by reducing the growth of government spending, so we can make property tax relief a reality for Nebraska families, while also investing in the core responsibilities of government, education, public safety and infrastructure development.” (The Grand Island Independent, October 22, 2016)

Sen. John Kuehn, District 38: “Many top priorities, including restoring equity to Nebraska’s school funding formula and rebalancing a disproportionate property tax system become more difficult in the face of the revenue crisis. However, failing to correct these structural problems threatens to continue to strangle Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers, exacerbating the current fiscal problem.” (Kearney Hub, November 7, 2016)

Sen. Tom Briese, District 41: “In Nebraska, our tax structure is woefully out of balance. The discussion going forward must focus on how best to address this problem, for it is imperative that we rebalance this mix of funding. Long term economic growth in Nebraska hinges on our ability to do so.” (Lincoln Journal Star, November 12, 2016)

“In fact, 30-40% of a Nebraska family’s housing costs can go toward property taxes. In order to grow Nebraska, and generate opportunities for young people to live, work, and raise their families in our state, we must strive to make housing more affordable. And property tax relief is where we must start.” (Lincoln Journal Star, November 12, 2016)

“The most direct and effective route to dealing with the property tax dilemma, and providing immediate relief that will benefit all Nebraska property owners, is rebalancing our tax structure, including the way we fund K-12 education. Our goal should be a nearly equal mix of property, income and sales taxes–a truly fair and balanced ‘three legged stool.” (Lincoln Journal Star, November 12, 2016)